Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kindle Cover Crafts!

This Christmas I was given a Kindle. Apart from being very excited about all the books I am now going to be able to read without having to lug around the actual copies, I also spotted a craft project: a Kindle cover.

Looking through my wool box I found lots of different shades of blues and turquoises so decided to knit a patchwork cover. The wools I used are different weights and I used a variety of stitches to make it a little more varied. The back of the cover is just a plain stitch in navy. I also lined it with navy lining.

I quite like the result so thought I would post a picture up here. One of my New Year's resolutions is to start up an Etsy storefront and was thinking there must be a niche for this sort of thing, right?


Adam said...

Ooooh - liking it!!

Andrew said...

Wow! These are amazing... so much work knitting all of the pieces. They remind me of Little Big Planet... Well done @amphillips1 :-D


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