Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mosaic Artists

I have just realised how narcissistic my blog is. Me, me, me and.... oh, more me. So today I think I need to remedy that a little. 

First of all, I think everyone should be checking out Mosaic Geek's work: 

Shannon Kuchera, the artist behind Mosaic Geek is an amazing person who totally inspired me to go and learn about mosaics and who I aspire to be as good as. Her mosaics are often based on retro video games which I just think is inspired and brilliant and she has recently been making mini-mosaics too. On the basis that I find it hard to cut a fairly big piece of glass into a smaller bit, my admiration is extreme. Check out her site now. And then go straight to Etsy and order one of those cute pacman mosaics or a tetris necklace. 

Other than being totally awesome, Mosaic Geek are also pretty good at introducing other mosaic artists. I don't know much about these two artists (I need to do some research!) but to see some truly amazing mosaics have a look at these: - wow. Planetary mosaics. Amazing. This photo made my jaw drop. It is astounding and I absolutely love it. Colours, textures, materials... I could look at it for hours. 

I'm sure there are lots of others that have been recommended, but at the moment I can't remember them. I shall start updating when I find new inspiring pieces. 

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Blue Ribbon Card

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I've also been making cards - this is one of my ribbon designs. I've used blue gingham ribbon with a cream paper rose. I haven't actually given one of these to anyone yet... I just made lots over the summer holidays! I should probably start doing something with them...

New Mosaic Project Fun

My new mosaic project is loosely based on peacocks and parrots... it presently looks more like parrots as the blues for the peacock feathers were just a bit too vivid for me to cope with so I changed the colour scheme. I am using SMALTI this time which I haven't ever used before. I love the bright colours and texture you get with this medium, although I am also having to mix it with vitreous tiles in order to be able to afford it! I'm presently quite upset as this is 2 whole day's work and next week is my last week at the Mosaic Course. So it looks like this won't be finished or cast this year... I guess I will just have to do another mosaic course soon.

Mosaic Drinks Coaster


I haven't posted for an age and now I am going to post a whole load in one go. Oh well. So my latest is that I am back doing a mosaic course and I finished my first attempt at a glass coaster. It was rubbish. So rubbish it doesn't warrant a photo on my blog. But then I decided to make some adjustments and voila, here is my new version of a cocktail coaster. It isn't grouted yet and I have no idea when I am going to actually get round to it as I have been meaning to do so for the past week. I am fairly pleased with it, although I would appreciate grouting hints! 


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