Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mosaic Artists

I have just realised how narcissistic my blog is. Me, me, me and.... oh, more me. So today I think I need to remedy that a little. 

First of all, I think everyone should be checking out Mosaic Geek's work: 

Shannon Kuchera, the artist behind Mosaic Geek is an amazing person who totally inspired me to go and learn about mosaics and who I aspire to be as good as. Her mosaics are often based on retro video games which I just think is inspired and brilliant and she has recently been making mini-mosaics too. On the basis that I find it hard to cut a fairly big piece of glass into a smaller bit, my admiration is extreme. Check out her site now. And then go straight to Etsy and order one of those cute pacman mosaics or a tetris necklace. 

Other than being totally awesome, Mosaic Geek are also pretty good at introducing other mosaic artists. I don't know much about these two artists (I need to do some research!) but to see some truly amazing mosaics have a look at these: - wow. Planetary mosaics. Amazing. This photo made my jaw drop. It is astounding and I absolutely love it. Colours, textures, materials... I could look at it for hours. 

I'm sure there are lots of others that have been recommended, but at the moment I can't remember them. I shall start updating when I find new inspiring pieces. 


Concetta said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog ;) and for mosaic link ups, always love discovering other mosaic artists - its such a wonderful community of people. I am off to the British Mosaic Forum (in London) next Saturday and really looking forward to it - always inspiring to be around other creatives...

shan314 said...

Aw, thanks Al! You are also a creative inspiration for ME! :-) If only we weren't separated by a vast ocean, I'd attempt to steal all your brilliant knowledge of cardmaking and amigurumi, among other things.


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