Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mosaic Drinks Coaster


I haven't posted for an age and now I am going to post a whole load in one go. Oh well. So my latest is that I am back doing a mosaic course and I finished my first attempt at a glass coaster. It was rubbish. So rubbish it doesn't warrant a photo on my blog. But then I decided to make some adjustments and voila, here is my new version of a cocktail coaster. It isn't grouted yet and I have no idea when I am going to actually get round to it as I have been meaning to do so for the past week. I am fairly pleased with it, although I would appreciate grouting hints! 


Mosaicista Appassionata said...

the pic is not very clear - i love it - do another one and see the contrast between black and white grouting..!what do you think?

Creating Trouble said...

Ooh, that's a good idea! I was going to try to mix up the griots- White over the glass and dark over the background, but I think I'll try your suggestion instead. Pic isn't clear as it was a phone camera photo but don't have a different one at the moment- will update when I can!


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