Sunday, 7 November 2010


Well it is now November and I haven't put up anything on here for a while... and with good reason.

First of all, it's dark outside and I have overwhelming urges to do absolutely nothing except sit in my dressing-gown and watch rubbish movies.

Secondly I am moving. So all my creative gear has been packed up in preparation for the new place. We go on Saturday and I am quite excited. But slightly concerned at the lack of furniture we possess and the amount of packing there is still to do.

Thirdly, we've been away - spent a week in Bulgaria enjoying the hospitality of Hostel Mostel  ( where we stayed when we were in both Sofia and Veliko Turnovo. Bulgaria was beautiful - we caught the autumn with all the leaves turning shades of gold, orange and red and it was stunning. If my camera were a) not packed  and b) working with my computer I would put up some photos. I have certainly been inspired mosaic-wise.

So, apart from being upset that my camera won't allow me to upload photos onto my computer, things are generally going well. I have a backlog of pictures to put up here and once I am in the new place I will try to sort something out.

There is one sad thing though...the next 2 mosaic courses are both fully booked and I don't know when I will next be able to do one. I haven't finished the last mosaic yet but when I do I'll want to cast it and don't actually know how to yet. So I have a problem. Anyone know where I can do a mosaic course in London on a Saturday?

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