Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting back to normal

Some of you may remember that back in April I got into a bit of a bike accident...it was pretty serious and has resulted in me going backwards and forwards from hospitals since. But on Friday my physio said I could get back on my bike...YEEEEHAAAAA!!! I am so excited about being able to finally do some exercise again after such a long period of sitting around doing nothing at all. So I arranged to pick up my slightly sad bike from my sister's (who has been amazing, both throughout and since and has kindly been keeping my bike safe at hers while I was recuperating). I had seen it since so it wasn't a shock seeing my bike again, I already knew what the external damage was:

I had totally torn through one of the handlebars, with enough force to severely scratch the metal underneath the padding as well. And I suspected that I had damaged the front fork as well. Knowing how I looked after the crash, I doubted my bike would have fared much better. Sure enough, there was definitely something wrong with it when you tried to move it - it kept veering off to the right and was very much weighted on one side. I wasn't about to ride it without it getting checked out anyway so we went straight to the bike shop. 

And today I picked it up! 

I had to replace the handlebars completely but otherwise my lovely lovely bike is totally fine :D I'm so excited to have it home again! So excited, I took my first (baby) bike ride - admittedly I only went through the park from the station back to ours but I just felt really glad to be back on my bike again. It may be a while before I attempt to ride to work or think about a hill but I am definitely happy to feel that I am beginning to get my normal life back again. HURRAY! 


PoetessWug said...

Hurray Indeed!!! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going in a positive direction!!...Now be careful!!!! Do you need me to crochet you a knee pad? Or a helmet?! Just let me know. I'll try to work something up!! LOL

Abbi said...

Yay! That's a nice bike indeed. Glad you're now fully mended!


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