Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Feeling: Remembrance Day

It's November the 11th. At 11am on the 11th November 1918, the First World War was finally brought to an end. Today is Armistice Day - a day on which we remember those who have lost their lives in service to their countries. It is not only the UK that marks Armistice Day: many other countries will also be holding services, parades and celebrations in memory of their brave soldiers who have given their lives for their country. In the UK we have Remembrance Sunday, which will be celebrated this Sunday in churches and other places of worship throughout the UK. Traditionally we wear a poppy to remind us of the poppy fields that sprang up in Flanders over the fields where thousands of men lost their lives. At 11am today we will hold a 2-minute silence in memory. Remembrance Day is not only about remembering those who fell in the First World War - it is a day to remember those who have fallen in previous and subsequent wars. I am sure that many of us know someone, be that a relative, close friend or distant family member who has lost their life in active service and for all of those people who have died, today is a day to remember you. To thank you for the services you gave, for protecting your loved ones and your country and for ultimately giving your life for us to keep us safe. Every soldier who has seen any form of active service - on whichever side they are fighting - has seen more than any of the rest of us will ever be able to imagine and as such is a hero. So today is for those brave men, and women, whose job is essentially about looking after their fellow countrymen. Thank you.

Lest we Forget brooch by CoppertopdesignsUK

Poppy Days painting by Itsawhimsy

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