Friday, 21 September 2012

That Friday Feeling...Bees

Yet again I'm apologising. This time for the lack of Friday Feeling posts that I've been doing. I seem to have lapsed badly and haven't done one of these for nearly three weeks! There is an excuse though - I've been a really busy busy bee recently and don't feel like I've touched the floor in the last few weeks. So as a homage to how busy I've been, I thought today's theme should be about bees. There are some seriously cute items on Etsy if you search for bees but I thought I'd go for some fun and happy items I liked this week. What do you think?

Bumble Bee Bunting by SewSweetViolet - how cute!

Awwww! I want some bumble bee booties by funkyshapes

And these bee magnets by themosaicgarden are super sweet too! 

What little snippets can I find for you this week?

  • Honey bees have been around for nearly 30 million years.
  • No other insects produce food that man eats.
  • A honey bee visits between 50 and 100 flowers in a single trip to collect nectar.
  • In its lifetime the average honey bee only makes about a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.
  • Baby bees don't know how to make honey - they get taught how to do it by experienced honey makers.
  • A bees wings beat about 11,400 times a minute, they travel at 15 miles an hour and can fly up to 6 miles at a time. 
  • A queen bee lays her own weight in eggs a day and can lay about 200,000 eggs a year. Despite that, honey bees are endangered due to man's interference with their habitats. 
  • Male honey bees are called drones and all they do is mate with the queen - they have no stingers and do no work.
  • Which means, yes, all the worker bees are actually female, albeit sexually undeveloped females.
  • The Dance of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky-Korsakov has to be this week's YouTube video. At the school I used to work at, our 'Flying Club' used to do a gymnastics routine to this music. It was pretty impressive. 


Jooles said...

thank you for the very kind mention and i love all the bee facts!
happy weekend
love jooles x

Debbie said...

I love bees and those items are fab! Thanks for the facts on the little buzzy creatures!


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