Tuesday, 5 March 2013


IT'S MARCH 2013! And because spring is in the air, and I wouldn't want anyone to feel I had forgotten them, I am doing a promotion over in my Etsy store. On any order over £15 you can receive free UK shipping for the whole of the month of March.

What's more, I'm not the only one offering this! There are a lot of UK based sellers who are also offering free UK shipping for March. All you need to do is type in code FREEMARCH13 when you get to the checkout page and the free shipping will be added to your order. That is pretty great if you are looking for a Mother's Day gift, a St Patrick's day something, a birthday present or a lovely treat for yourself. Why not head over to Etsy and see what there is to see?

I'm offering Free UK shipping on orders over £15

Here are some other lovely things that I have seen on Etsy from people who are also offering free UK shipping for March. Click on any of the names below the photos to be sent to the shop.

I love LizzesBeautifulArt's cats! 

DamsonTreePottery makes such gorgeous designs! 

Who wouldn't be in love with a VW campervan or indeed any of Graces Favours designs? 

I've kept this post to a green theme because spring is in the air (I actually sat outside in the garden today!) but there are of course plenty of other goodies available. Here's a link to find some more lovely pieces on Etsy that are offering free UK shipping throughout March:

I hope you all have a lovely time browsing and ... happy shopping!


Simmi said...

Love the items you've chosen! I've got one of Lizzie's cats and am lusting after the lily pad coasters!! Thank you for including my Paddy's Day Campervan - they're silly but fun :-) Simmi xx

Creating Trouble said...

I bought that particular cat as a present for Christmas and I might fight you for the lilypads...!!

damontreepottery said...

Gorgeous feature! Thanks!
Love the camper van! We had a green one when I was a kid and used to drive to Ireland!

damontreepottery said...

Fabulous! Thanks you!
Love the camper van! We had a green VW when I was a kid and used to drive to Ireland!

Ailsa Cordner said...

Great post and love the items you featured!!!

Pure Craft said...

Lovely post, shared it :)


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