Monday, 14 March 2011

Artist's Feature: S L Jewellery

It's time for Creating Trouble's monthly Artist's Feature and this month I'm really happy to be introducing Sarah - the creative mum who heads up S L Jewellery. Every morning at around 6:30am a group of crafty-types say hello to each other and encourage each other to have a great and creative day. I am lucky enough to be included in that circle - and that is how I met Sarah. She's always got something nice to say and my mornings aren't quite as dreary because of the conversations we all have. You can follow her on twitter: S_L_Jewellery or visit her website:  When I mentioned the possibility of a feature, I received an inspiring piece from Sarah and I can't begin to make it sound better - so, in her own words, here is all about... 

S L Jewellery

Hello. I'm Sarah the busy hands behind S L Jewellery & Accessories.
I have always had a passion for crafts and a desire to be my own boss with my own empire but have never quite had the confidence to take the next step. When I was pregnant with my little boy the desire and passion began to grow. After my gorgeous little boy was born it seemed to give me the confidence boost I needed to start the ball rolling. I wanted to make my little man and my family proud.

What would be a normal day for you?

A day in my life is quite chaotic most of the time. My day usually starts around 5.00am with my little boy. He is at the wonderful age of 2 and doesn’t sit still for a minute. Throughout the day it seems to be a mix of quality time with him, the glory of household chores and as much admin as I can squeeze in usually writing blog posts, updating the website, contacting supplies or businesses that I can work with.

Once my little boy is tucked up in bed …. the creativity begins! This is where the toy scattered rooms become a showcase of all things sparkly!
I love all parts of of my job so much so it feels strange calling it a 'job' I think the most rewarding part has to be the customers and the wonderful feedback you receive when they finally get to meet the unique hand-crafted item you have talked about!
Obviously working with sparkly things its pretty fab too!!

What inspires you?

Inspiration is never hard to find it comes from people, places almost anything. I'm lucky that I have so many wonderful people in my life and I live in a beautiful place so I never really have to look far for inspiration.


How do you juggle a family and work at the same time? 

Mixing work and family life is one of the most difficult yet rewarding parts. Waking at 5.00am and having a day with a 2 year old can leave me too exhausted to work late into the night. I think the key is not to put too much pressure on yourself (I should take my own advice) and just make sure that you manage the time you do have well.
If perhaps you don't get everything done don't be hard on yourself just look at all the things you have managed to get done.

I am very fortunate to have an Iphone so between building towers and painting with my little one I can check emails and reply. It helps so much not leaving it all build up to the evening.

And lastly, how can we find you?

Please come and say hi on twitter @s_l_Jewellery facebook S l Jewellery and Accessories or on my



Carrian said...

I can vouch that Sarah is truley an inspirational person. Not only have I bought her beautifil items I am a friend who sees her positivity & creativity. It is clear that the happiness she gets from spending time with her family is put into her business but most of all into the making of her jewellery.
Carrian x

CinLynn Boutique said...

This is a great blog! I'm happy to be a new follower too!


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