Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mug Pendants!

I got a call from an old friend yesterday. She had been drinking from a sentimental mug and had accidentally dropped it. It had smashed into lots of pieces and she was quite upset. However, before throwing all the bits away she decided to call me and see if there was anything I could do with the bits. 

I invited her over for another cup of tea (in the hope that this mug wouldn't smash!) and told her to bring the bits with her. As she actually lives fairly close she was over at mine quite quickly with lots of bits of porcelain. And this is what she brought:

It was a cute mug - but because of the amount of plain white I was initially dubious about what I could possibly make. I played around a bit with making a small piece of abstract artwork, a drinks coaster and then finally we decided a piece of jewellery might be best. 

Taking out my trusty cutters I got to it... and eventually this is what I came up with:

I thought I should probably show what it looks like on an actual person so here's a quick modelling pose:

Anyway, this has given me a great idea - recycled pendants! We all have one of those favourite mugs, plates, bowls that we love and are upset when they break. Well, instead of throwing out the pieces, why not send me the pieces and I will make a custom made piece for you! You can contact me through this site and I will get back to you with an address for you to send your bits to. Once the piece has been made, I will contact you again with pictures to see if you like it or not. At the moment I don't have a shopping basket on my site so in the meantime I will list your item on Etsy with a reserved tag for you to collect. 

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PoetessWug said...

What a great idea!! But how funny to think about postmen worrying that maybe they were responsible for breaking someone's dishes!! ha! ha!


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