Monday, 14 May 2012

A Bag Commission (or Ten...)

Those of you who follow Creating Trouble on Facebook or Twitter will know that recently I've had a commission on for some beach bags. Some of you may even have seen a picture or two. But I thought I'd do a post on them this week and reveal them properly.

Nope these aren't the finished product... they've only just been printed!
A friend of mine was organising the hen party for a friend of hers and, needing a small token gift for each of the hens, called me for a design meeting. As they were going to be down on at the seaside, we came up with a beach themed lino design involving beach huts and then decided to personalise each of them by writing the name of the recipient and the event on each bag. She chose an aquamarine-type blue - the colour hasn't really come out properly in the photos - they are slightly more greenish than the pictures imply.

Still not done, but there's some writing on them now...
The bags are all lined inside and I made salt dough decorations in a matching colour to go with each bag. Finally I wrapped them in tissue paper to match before delivering them last week. I know the organisers of the hen party loved them... just hope the bride-to-be did too! 

One of the completed bags
Still needs to be ironed, but a full length view
Detail with the salt dough decorations that I made to match the bags 
10 bags all folded ready to be packed up...
The Bride-To-Be's bag
All packed up and ready to go! 
So, what do you think? Having just made the first proper custom order,  I'm quite excited about another commission if you are organising a hen party or some other event that might need a small gift, then bear these in mind!


Bluecherub said...

They are so cool and the little salt dough tags are a lovely touch. Love the presentation of them, any lucky hen party attendee should be thrilled with such a lovely gift!!

Ange said...

Absolutely love them! They are bombdiggityfresh! Here's to landing more commissions.

Creating Trouble said...

Thank you! I was quite proud of them, although a lot of work in a short period of time when I also had a mosaic commission and a craft fair to think about! Just heard that everyone loved them so has made my day :D

kate said...

Congrats! What a fun commission and they turned out great!


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