Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chicken Spinach Feta Meatballs Recipe

I wrote a post ages ago about my new discovery of Pinterest (original post here). By now, it's not a new thing and everyone I know seems to be on it. But I do keep discovering bits and pieces and things that I love. You're welcome to go and browse over my pins and see what's what, and go look at some of the people I follow as well as they all have amazing pins as well.

One of the things I have recently discovered on Pinterest is this recipe for chicken-spinach-feta meatballs. Oh My, they are deeeeeeelicious! Seriously, I have been making them loads since I discovered them a few weeks ago. I've adapted the recipe slightly as I didn't have the correct ingredients the first few times I made them and I quite like the way they turned out. They are super duper easy and are ready with hardly any fuss. Thought I'd better share the recipe with you...

Chicken Spinach Feta Meatballs


500g chicken mince (I use turkey mince and it's fine)
1 tbsp finely chopped parsley
3 tbsp finely chopped spinach
3/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt (I use less but that's because I don't much like salty food and feta is quite salty)
1/4 tsp ground pepper (I use more...)
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1/4 cup feta cheese

All of the above measurements are to taste - more, less, whatever tickles your fancy! The original recipe (here) used fennel seeds and cayenne pepper and I'm sure is even more delicious, but I'm happy with my version.


1) Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly in a large bowl. I find it is much easier if you get your (clean) hands in there for your mixing.
2) I use about a tablespoon's worth of the mixture for each ball, but again, you can be the judge. Take a small portion and roll it into a nice spherical shape. Put it on the side and do the next one.
3) Once you have all the mixture rolled into balls, swirl some oil to cover the bottom of a frying pan but not so much as to immerse them. (ie about a tablespoon)
4) When the oil is hot, fry the meatballs in batches until they are golden all over and cooked through. Drain them on kitchen roll and cook the next batch.
5) Eat them. Yes, they are that simple!

Seriously easy, seriously tasty and I am a little addicted... Go over to ItsyBitsyFoodies website for some more amazing tasting recipes - I have my eye on quite a few of them!

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