Monday, 30 April 2012

A Craft Fair Weekend

Well I survived my second craft fair, although the weather did not help one little bit! It poured down with rain on Saturday, and as a result I am fairly sure that lots of people stayed at home where they could keep dry! I would have if I hadn't been at the craft fair already...

Anyway, it was another great experience, and I have to say craft fairs do not fill me with the dread they used to - I was so worried before my first one whereas this time round I was much more blasé. By the end of the year I'll be a dab hand at this!

As always there were some lovely other stalls to have a peek at - I really like all of Emma's work - her business is called Knickerbocker Glories and she makes cushions, brooches, bags and purses from vintage and recycled materials. I bought one of her purses the last time I met her but here's a quick peek at some of her cushions:

Click on the picture to go to the Knickerbocker Glory website
I also loved the smell of All Natural Soap's products. They use natural ingredients to produce beautifully scented and presented soaps in different shapes and sizes. What really impressed me about them was the look and how they have the original flower or scent in the middle. How gorgeous are these? 

Clickety-click on the pic to see more...
I did however, spend much of my day up on my own stall, and, despite the weather, did get to meet some new people, talk about my mosaics and sell a few bits. My most popular items seem to be my mosaic coasters but I got a lot of comments and questions about my pendants too, which always makes me happy as I get to talk about something I love doing! Thought I'd share a few photos here too. If you would like to see more photos of the day, please go over to A Glamourous Affair's facebook page to see them. 

Mosaic coasters seem to be my best seller. They are £6.50 each.

I really like my mosaic pendant 'tree' display. This heart-shaped pendant
got lots of comments. 

My bunting has a name on it now! Me at my stall... trying to be photogenic but not succeeding!
So there you have it - another craft fair survival story. I'm wondering when I should do the next one, but for now... I have beach bags to get making! 

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