Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Week of Commissions

The title of this post says it all... I'm having a fabulously crafty week this week with 2 separate commissions for totally different things. It's a good thing I'm not back at work for another week as otherwise I would not be able to keep up!

A few weeks ago my flatmate's sister came over for dinner. We have a number of mosaic table mats and coasters lying around the flat (well I do make them for fun as well as for sale...) and, having seen the mosaic coasters but the size of the table-mats, she asked if I could make her a table-mat with a rainbow theme. So I spent most of yesterday working on making a table mat with a rainbow design on it. None of this is stuck yet as I still need to cut some of the pieces a bit more and I wanted to check before I actually stuck anything down. What do you think?

The other commission I have is quite exciting - my first bulk order! I had my first 'business' meeting yesterday. I went for coffee armed with a sketch book, my laptop and some ideas. I've been commissioned to make a set of beach tote bags for a hen party. As the hen party is going down to the Devon seaside for a weekend, the idea is that the bags are personal to the weekend so we played around with sailing boats and beach huts and eventually decided that beach huts were the better design. I have spent all of this morning cutting lino and material and here is a sneak preview of the designs.

How exciting is this week going to be? I am working away like a little busy bee which is fabulous. I'm really excited about these commissions and hoping that the respective recipients love them. A short post from me today  - I'm off to go and start printing some designs!

1 comment:

Sharon Perry said...

love the rainbow mat, love all things colourful, congrats on all the orders :)


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