Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Artist's Feature: Chanelled Creations

This month's Artist is Ana Gonçalves, the face behind Chanelled Creations. She has been following Creating Trouble and writing lovely comments for a while now so it seems right to be meeting the person behind the name! Ana can be found on both Etsy and Folksy, where she sells some of her work. You can also find her on twitter and facebook too. I like the use of colour and theme in her work. Anyway, she's better at talking about herself than I could possibly be - so here you are: Ana Gonçalves of Chanelled Creations.

Who are you and what do you make? 

My name is Ana Gonçalves, and I am an intuitive and visionary Artist. My work represents the different cycles and experiences in my life, and it is this that I freely express on paper. I am inspired by existence, the universe and nature. My artwork is used in a mixture of sustainable paper crafts, such as eco greeting cards, bookmarks and postcards. I also sell original works.

What got you interested and what inspires you further?

My passion for creativity started since I could put crayon to paper. I have been crafting since a very young age, and have always believed that expression is a channel that mediates how one feels on the inside. My love for crafting starting in writing stories, drawing and painting and it grew with each experience encountered. I am inspired to continue to share my art in hope that it inspires others to connect with who they are and their feelings, and that it brings healing and nurture to the soul.

Are there any other artists who have inspired or helped you with your work?

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, a very special friend and Artist whom I met via blogging continues to inspire and motivate me on my creative path. We have very similar ethics and interests in our love for nature, art and life, and the desire to go deeper in bringing awareness forward through our work.
Please feel free to browse her work:

I would also like to say a big Thank you to all the individuals at Etsy and Folksy who are helping in the set up and continuous promotion of artisan seller shops. I think it's great all that you do, and I love the way in which everyone forms a community around it. Thank you to you also creative trouble for providing us with the platform to share who we are, and what we make.

Where do you work, and if you had an unlimited budget, how would you improve your workspace?

I work in a separate small room in the house, which is a multi-purposeful space suiting as a reading, creative and printing area. I've just re-organized my creative space and so am feeling much better about the location of where I store my art and create. Its a lot lighter and meaningful.

Where can we find you and your work? 

My Twitter profile:
My Crafts link Profile:

Thank you Ana for letting us know about your work and about yourself. Make sure you go and look at some of Ana's other work - her work is very reasonably priced on both Etsy and Folksy, so you could become an owner of some of her work! 

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