Friday, 15 July 2011

That Friday Feeling...15/07/11

Fancy a cuppa? It's about tea time and that is exactly what I want right now. And I mean a proper 'English' cup of tea - not one of those weak varieties that taste of warm water with milk splashed in it. I may be uncouth but I much prefer builders tea to any other (for those of you who don't know what builders tea is - it's the standard British tea you get in the supermarkets - like PG Tips) and it doesn't taste the same in different places. The water is different so the tea tastes different. Even Yorkshire Tea doesn't taste right outside of Yorkshire! So today's Friday Feeling is all about the tea - because I want a cup.

Think this pendant from BookishCharm about sums up
what I feel right now!

FabThomson makes cute felt brooches like this cupcake
Great combination in this Liquorice AllSorts Tea Cosy
 by Twinkknits
Thought I would share some Tea Facts with you...

  •  Tea is the second most widely drunk drink in the world - the most widely drunk beverage being water.
  • Tea normally grows in tropical or sub-tropical places - but it's been known to grow in Pembrokeshire, England and Washington, USA
  • It takes between 4- 12 years for a tea plant to grow seeds.
  • If you leave a tea plant alone it can grow to about 16 metres - but most are cut to be about waist height so that it's easier to pick the uppermost leaves.
  •  Tea came over to Europe in the 16th Century and was brought over to Great Britain around 1660
  •  Tea can help (slightly) with memory - but this is very minimal and not entirely certain...
  •  Milk isn't the only thing added to tea - weaker black tea is good with lemon and I had the shock of my life when I was served tea with jam in Russia...


marci said...

The brooch is really cute! :)

PoetessWug said...

What a cute necklace...and the crocheted tea cozy is adorable too...of course! ^_^ I was surprised with the fact that tea is 2nd to water! I was sure tea would be 3rd, after coffee! And I sure wish they could confirm that memory thing! ^_^....Wait! What was I saying?! O_0 Oh Yeah!...I love tea myself! I'm drinking green tea regularly these days for medicinal reasons, but I think my very very favorite is Earl Grey with milk and sugar...Go ahead 'hate on me' if you like! LOL I LIKE it!!

Ana Goncalves said...

What a truly lovely theme, and the items featured are adorable! I am loving what you do here, very inspirational indeed. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. :)


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