Friday, 29 July 2011

That Friday Feeling...29/07/11

As I'm sure most of you have worked out by now, the reason you haven't seen much of my work on here recently is because I'm working on a grand project. A quilt! It's not actually taking me as long as I thought it might do - the last one I attempted took the better part of a year. This is it by the way:

The colours really didn't come out - it's a wine red, fairly royal blue and bottle green!

Thanks to now owning a sewing machine, the present attempt has been moving fairly quickly... well it's only been a month so far! I thought that as I'm about to reveal part of the design (yes watch out for tomorrow's post) today's Friday Feeling would be dedicated to quilts.

Recycle your denim with this great quilt by Original Cloth

How great to have a scrabble quilt? Brilliant idea from BarbMalm

And I really like this quilt bag by Hoganfe too.
There's a totally unfounded myth that quilts were used on the Underground Railroad as signals for slaves escaping from the south to the north in the U.S. It's a myth. 

Hand-sewn quilts are considered more durable and better quality by professional quilters. I can see why - they take HOURS to make by hand!!

Quilting started to be considered as an art form from about the 1960s when abstract art came into fashion.

Quilts were important to those in the early American colonies as fabric was expensive so scraps were saved, sewn together into larger bits (blocks) and eventually into quilts. 


PoetessWug said...

I love the denim quilt!! Cool! And I love that it's a medium where leftovers don't go to waste! :-)

FireHorse3 said...

Great finds - love that bag :)


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