Friday, 8 June 2012

That Friday Feeling... Oceans

Did you know that today, June 8th is World Ocean Day? I didn't but I do now! You can find out more about World Ocean Day and some things you can do to support / participate here: I thought I'd go with an ocean theme this week, although obviously oceans are fairly vast so... I went with some ocean-inspired colours and ideas. What do you think of this week's Etsy finds?

Love the swirling in this pendant by flaminglily

This skein of embroidery yarn would look great in any number of projects. By therainbowgirl
Love these ocean-themed beads by LampworkJewels. So pretty!

What little facts can I find for you today?

  • The oceans provide most of the earth's oxygen that we breathe.
  • 94% of life on earth is aquatic. We are still learning about species that live in the oceans but one thing we can thank them for is pharmaceuticals. A lot of modern day medicines have their origins in plant and mineral extracts from the oceans.
  • The largest ocean is the Pacific - it covers about 30% of the world's surface. The Atlantic covers about 21%  and in total the oceans cover about 70% of the world's surface.
  • The largest mountain range on Earth lies under the oceans - and we had sent men onto the moon before we discovered the Mid-Ocean Ridge in 1973.
  • There are more human artifacts of history in the oceans than there are in any of the museums of the world all combined. 
  • The average depth of the oceans is about 12,400 feet. Photons (light) can't travel further than 330 feet under water which means that a huge amount of life in the oceans is always in the dark.
  • Sadly I've already used Under the Sea from the The Little Mermaid in a previous post (see here) so this week you get Dory from Finding Nemo speaking whale... Enjoy! 

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