Friday, 22 June 2012

That Friday Feeling...Accidents

This week has been another accident week for me... I think it's all because I had such a lovely day on Tuesday: awesome kids, watching our cricket team play and get through to the borough play-offs, having a surprise massage/facial thrust in my direction... It was bound to come and get me. I spent 2 hours in A&E on Wednesday evening after a railing fell on me as I cycled past. I've now got a nicely glued up shoulder (yes, glued) and an incredible bruise to show for it and have spent an awful lot of time talking to the construction crew whose railing it was. Bleurgh. But I thought that an accident theme might be appropriate this week as yet again I seem to be in the wars (and for those of you who remember - yes, it's the same arm as I broke last year: I'm going to be one big scar soon)

So here are my finds from Etsy this week. I was slightly tentative as I typed in 'accident' on the front page - I had visions of headless lego prints or something.  But I was relieved to see such lovely things turn up. All these items came about through some form of 'accident' - whether the artist was designing something else and it just happened or they just happened to be in a particular place to capture the moment. What do you think? As always, click on the links in the captions to get full details and visit the makers' Etsy shops.

I like this photo frame by totallytanya

Love the blur and colours in this photo by myndilove

Great effect on these tile coasters by BlythHouseCreations

Some interesting facts for you...

  • Gunpowder was invented in the 9th century by some Chinese alchemists who mixed together saltpeter, sulfur, realgar, and dried honey in the hope of creating an 'elixir of immortality' Ironic that gunpowder does the opposite! 
  • Kevlar, superglue, post-it notes, cellophane and photographs were all 'accidents' and came about when scientists were trying to make something else.
  • Chocolate chip cookies were apparently also discovered by accident: Nestle have it that a Mrs Wakefield was trying to make chocolate cookies but had run out of cocoa so substituted with some broken up chocolate that she thought would melt. Obviously it didn't but the result was pretty awesome! 
  • Popsicles were discovered by an 11 year old who kept them a secret for nearly 18 years. He left a powdered soda-water mix on his veranda one evening with a stirring stick in the cup. When he returned to the veranda the next day, temperatures had plummeted overnight and his drink had turned to ice. And the invention of the ice-lolly was born. I for one don't believe this. Well I believe that the ice-lolly was discovered by mistake but not that it was a secret for 18 years...
  • I'm having issues with my internet today so sadly no YouTube clip - it was going to be a Laurel and Hardy sketch. Or some other comedy duo... Sorry! Hopefully I'll be back with full internet soon, in the meantime enjoy and please drop in to the Etsy shops! 

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Tanya Barnes said...

Thank you so much for the compliment of a feature in your blog! It's funny how things of the accident nature, can turn in to such beautiful surprises!~TotallyTanya


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