Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Some talented kids

It isn't just me who's leaving my school at the end of this week; our head teacher is retiring as well. So all the children across the school have been making presents for her. My year group decided to make a mosaic... which meant that over the past few weeks, 60 children have all had to don goggles and arm themselves with glass cutters to cut and fix the pieces. They designed the mosaic themselves, chose the colours (our head's favourite colour is green) and made it all. The only thing that I have done on this was instructing them how to do it and grouting it.

We had a bit of an issue when the first mirror didn't have the right adhesive. I was in the middle of polishing it up post-grouting when... SMASH! It fell out. I was in the classroom with my class at the time, who all sharply drew in their breath and went 'uhh!' Knowing how much work the children have put in to the project, it took a lot of self-control not to scream and burst into tears on their behalf, but luckily I managed to keep it together, calmly clear up all the pieces and then rang around to see if someone could cover my class while I ran to a hardware store to replace it. Anyway, the second mirror has been fitted properly and we gave it to her on Monday. What do you think of their work? I am seriously impressed with how good this looks - they even chose the order of the colours, got all the pieces the right size and helped sealing it properly. We have some fabulous kids in year 6! 

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