Friday, 20 July 2012

That Friday Feeling...Turtles

Woohooo! It's Friday 20th July and today is not only the last day of school, it's my last day at work! Tomorrow morning I will be jumping on a plane and heading out to the Cayman Islands to go and spend 2 weeks with my sister, brother-in-law and my gorgeous little nephew. I know it's only tomorrow but seriously... I CAN'T WAIT!!! One of the things that the Cayman Islands are famous for is Green Sea Turtle Farm - which breeds green sea turtles and releases them into the wild every year. At any one time there may be approximately 16,000 turtles at the farm so today's post is dedicated to turtles. Yay. I still have plans to make a turtle mosaic at some point, but I haven't yet managed to get around to it... one day! Anyway, on to some things that I have found on Etsy this week...

Cute turtle necklace by JewelleryByZM
Fun turtle themed cushion by LuniqueUK

Love this cute little amigurimi crochet turtle by LuvlyGurimi

What little snippets can I find for you today? 

  • Most turtles cannot retract their head into their carapace (shell)
  • Green sea turtles are named that after the colour of their skin, not their shells.
  • Green sea turtles can stay underwater for up to 5 hours. However if they are kept underwater for too long, they will drown. Awww, poor turtles. 
  • Turtles can become obese - if food is around they will just keep eating whether or not they are hungry. This results either in them vomiting into the water or putting on loads of fat. Who knew?
  • The first known turtles existed about 200 million years ago. Nowadays there are about 300 species of turtle. They exist in all continents bar Antarctica but tend to prefer warmer water.
  • Turtles can store sperm, which means that they can produce fertilised eggs up to 4 years after mating. 
  • The smallest turtle is the Speckled Padloper at 4 inches while the largest is the Leatherback Sea Turtle which can reach 10 foot.
  • Aquatic turtles must be in water to be able to eat.
  • Sea turtles can swim up to 35mph and some land turtles can outrun an average human.
  • This week's YouTube had to come from Finding Nemo... 


PoetessWug said...

Have fun on your trip!...and thanks for the turtle facts. I learned a couple of new things. I love when that happens! ^_^

Debbie said...

That little crocheted turtle is so cute! Thanks for the turtle facts, enjoy your holiday!

Creating Trouble said...

Thank you - I will do! Arrived yesterday afternoon so was a bit dazed yesterday evening but all bright eyed and bushy tailed today...ready to go and see some turtles!

Lucy - LuniqueUK said...

Love it! Thank you for including my cushion and sharing turtle facts :-D


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