Monday, 13 August 2012

An update on the progress of my goals...

A while ago I wrote a blog post of goals I had that I wanted to get around to. So I thought I would do a bit of an update on them... There is still a long way to go obviously, but then again, some of these goals are long term ambitions!

  1. Make the insane city quilt
  2. Go camping... umm I need a tent. But you never know I might do this sometime this year
  3. Manage to get through at least 3 months without a hospital visit  It took months before I managed this!!
  4. Make a dress - it may have been cheating a little, but I made this.
  5. Finish the crazy bird mosaic. Ummm... yes, about that mosaic...
  6. Book onto a new mosaic course. I will as soon as I can afford it. 
  7. Sell over 25 items on Etsy That was quite an achievement - I don't spend anywhere near as much time promoting on Etsy as I should
  8. Do a craft fair - I've got craft fairs coming out of my ears! Watch this space for info...
  9. Go out somewhere at least once a week - it's too easy to sit inside and watch rubbish TV
  10. Learn how to bake my own bread. Mmm
  11. Grow tomatoes - although at the moment I would go with managing to keep something alive!
  12. Visit Scotland and Ireland - I went to Edinburgh over the Easter weekend, now I just need to get a wriggle on with the Ireland trip... although a return to Scotland is appealing too!
  13. Learn to drive - I have finally managed to get my provisional license and have had a few lessons so am on my way.
  14. Do a video tutorial on the blog...keep your eyes peeled!
  15. Finish writing the children's story I've been writing forever.
  16. Read over 50 books in a year.
  17. Declutter...
  18. Try to cook something new every week - or at least every fortnight.
  19. Host a giveaway There've been a few now...
  20. Create designs for monsters and make them.
  21. Go on a massage course - I can't think why I wanted this as a goal!!! Not planning it for a while. Can I change it to: try out fencing / go rock climbing? Both of those I have been doing recently! 
  22. Learn more about music - I can usually sing something but never have a clue who sang it or what the title is!
  23. Have over 1000 twitter followers. Thank you to everyone who has followed me. 
  24. Go travelling... umm well that's on hold for the forseeable future!
  25. Get my business cards and website sorted out.
  26. Save a bit of money (or 24 will never happen!)
  27. Make A Granny A Day - ha ha: I've been so concerned about Craft Fairs that I haven't done anything like that! 
  28. Visit New Zealand and Australia
  29. Eat more healthily (I've lost nearly a stone!)
  30. Continue enjoying life generally Not that this can ever be said to be achieved but I am enjoying all my outside work activities recently

18 out of 30. Not bad considering some of those are more long-term goals than things that can just be achieved in a week or two! Also, it's interesting how a year can change your perspectives... why I ever thought I would want to do a massage course or grow my own tomatoes is totally beyond me. Actually tomatoes isn't such a bad idea, but I live in a first floor flat so it isn't about to happen any time soon! We have just started growing our own herbs though...

What are your goals? And have you achieved any of them? Wouldn't it be great to say: 'Hey I made 30 goals and did all of them'? That would be a serious achievement.

Maybe I should do something like this every year? 


PoetessWug said...

I think goals are wonderful! Something to aspire to!....And you've done great with yours!....Me and hubby had to Google search how many pounds a stone was equal to. ^_^ WOW!!! and congratulations!

Creating Trouble said...

Thanks Debbie! 1 stone is 14 pounds... I think I lost 16 or 17 pounds although with the amount of chocolate I was given at the end of the school year I suspect I've put a lot back on again!

I'm now considering my next 30 goals... ;-)

Dotty said...

Well done- you have achieved so much already. The quilt is fabulous- the orange really lifts the blues- it is lovely.

A few of my goals are- to learn a new language, to learn to play an instrument and to improve my swimming! I've started on one of them.

Keep it up!!!


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