Friday, 3 August 2012

That Friday Feeling...Holiday

Today is the last day of my holiday! Boo. This evening I get back on a plane and fly via the Bahamas back to the UK where I'm sure it will be raining ready for my return. I've had the most amazing time here in Grand Cayman - from swimming with sting rays and snorkelling on the reef to drinking rum cocktails on the beach and spending time with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I thought that a holiday theme would be the most appropriate theme for today's Etsy shout out - my one is coming to an end but it is the traditional time of year for summer holidays to commence. So here are some lovely things that I have found that you might want to take with you on yours...

Keep your hair under control with this pretty hair comb by Damsontreepottery

Shalotte makes such lovely magical pieces and this necklace is no exception.

Love these buttons from ButterflySue

And you'll need a gorgeous shoulder bag for all your accessories. Why not this one by Saysie?

How many random facts can one find about summer holidays? It was a bit of a hard one this week but here you go:

  • The tradition of summer weddings was begun by the Romans who would choose Juno's month, June, for weddings as this would bring on her blessing.
  •  August is the busiest month for travel and tourism.
  • The Dog Days of Summer refer to the period between July 3rd and August 11th when Canis Major's star Sirius was believed to be closest to the sun and was blamed by the Romans for the intense heat, droughts and sultry weather. 
  • The summer solstice in the UK is on June 20th. It was celebrated with dancing and bonfires and couples would jump through the flames. The tradition held that crops would grow as high as the couple could jump.
  • What I call a holiday, Americans would call a vacation.  In the US a holiday refers to time off due to a national celebrations whereas in the UK a holiday is just any time that you aren't necessarily at work. 
  • Today's youtube clip could only really be Summer Holiday. I prefer the Mike Redway version to Sir Cliff Richard's one.


Saysie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my bag. I hope you have had a good holiday and have a safe flight home.

Shalotte said...

Lovely blog post. Many thanks for including our Magic Circle necklace.

I love the holiday info



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