Friday, 10 August 2012

Plans are Afoot...

There are some new projects going on at Trouble HQ. For a start, have you noticed a new page in the link bar? Yes, it says 'shop' and it means that... you can now buy directly through the website! I am still of course selling on Etsy as well, and indeed I have more items listed there than I do in the shop section of my blog but, it's a big step up for Creating Trouble and I'm looking forward to someone making use of it! Please go over and see what's on offer - there will be more listings going up over the next few days and weeks but it's always quite a long process trying to word things right and work out how best to describe your products.

Next up... I'm turning into a proper website! At the moment it's just a blog with some links to other places and I've been meaning to make it more than that for quite a long time. So now is that time! It's presently very much in the early stages; working out what text I want, what I want where, photos etc but it's going to happen, and it's going to happen soon! Don't worry though, you will still be able to see this blog and I will still be writing as often as I can. There will still be my weekly features and I will be sharing new things with you regularly.

In addition to that I have some quite exciting news. Remember back in January when I said I wanted to start doing some craft fairs? And then I did? Over the course of this year, I have been a stall holder at 3 fairs - I figured that one every few months was a good way to break myself in. Well, I got back from Grand Cayman thinking I really do need to be more proactive about Creating Trouble so have jumped right in. I thought I really needed to step up and do some more fairs - maybe one every month or every 3 weeks. It hasn't quite worked out that way though. I'll be hosting a stall at a number of events in the next few weeks - in fact I have 4 lined up on 4 consecutive weekends from the end of August through to the middle of September. Woah! I suspect that by the end of them I will be absolutely shattered! Watch this space for news of where I'll be and when.

My biggest concern right now though is... do I have enough stock? And the simple answer is no. So over the next few weeks I am going to be a seriously busy bee as I try to make enough pendants, cufflinks, coasters and more to sell at craft fairs! I'm guessing I will have to start thinking about not taking all my stock with me just in case I have a particularly successful day and run out! Please be slightly patient with me if I don't manage to blog quite as often as I do usually, or if my weekly features are a day or two late. It's not intentional, it's just me trying to get everything done in a very short amount of time!

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