Saturday, 24 September 2011

Just 3 words

A while ago there was a thread in one of the Etsy discussions about suggesting three words as ideas for a member's poetry. I liked the idea so I chose some words to give:




I was thinking about these three words earlier today and the challenge that they pose. I thought I'd give poetry a go myself... (watch out!!!) As I'm not a poet, I've nicked a structure that I've used with the kids in my class before. It's from The Magic Box by Kit Wright (I couldn't find the whole poem from a suitable website but you can see the first bit of it here) The original was published in his collection Cat Among the Pigeons, 1987 and is a popular poem to use in schools because there is so much you can do with it. Anyway, here's my version:

I will put into a box
A shimmering star falling from the sky
Reminding me of nights long passed
And making me calm.

I will put into a box
A land of peace and harmony
Where all live alongside one another
And none need show fear.

I will put into a box
A roaring fire bringing me warmth
On a cold winter's day by the hearth
And a balm for the soul.

Hmm, yup it's definitely not time to quit the day job! I think I'll leave poetry to those who can actually write from now on. Maybe I'll just use these three words as inspiration for some new projects?

What three words would you choose? I'm intrigued...


Ange said...

I really loved this idea and thought you put together an excellent poem. You should print it out all artsy and frame it and sell it in your Etsy store!

PoetessWug said...

I hear the song you sing
by your creative poetry.
The words convey your effort
just like 'scatting' harmony.

They cause a warmth of smile,
as Ella Fitzgerald often showed,
and they put my quiet mind
back into 'wordy crafter' mode.

So, sing it from the rooftops!
You're a 'wordsmith crafting Star'!
And if you don't get rich, just make a plate,
and put it on your car!

Creating Trouble said...

A poem about a poem! Thank you for your lovely comments :-)


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