Saturday, 12 February 2011

Artist's Feature: Sowmya

Welcome to the first Creating Trouble 'Artist's Feature' - and I'm happy to be introducing you to Sowmya.

Sowmya is the artist behind The Green Groovy and can  be found in lots of places, including:  Etsy,  Facebook and Blogger (all of these link to Sowmya's pages). Based in LA, Sowmya works mainly in eco-friendly jute and cotton, painting and creating accessories such as handbags, wine bags, clutches, note cards, portfolios, and the like. Items are all created using non-toxic materials and, because they are made of jute and burlap, are totally recyclable.

Not only does The Green Groovy create items ready-made for sale on Etsy, but Sowmya is also happy to make custom orders, items for specific occasions and wedding / party favours.

Handpainted Peacock Inspired Yellow Jute Clutch/Purse

Sowmya is passionate about Art and Fashion, likes to combine elegance with functionality and creates pieces that really do stand out from the crowd. Flora and Fauna are particularly inspirational, but an Oriental influence is also clearly visible. Not just a bag or portfolio, but something that art-lovers will love, and fashionistas will find irresistible.

I asked a few leading questions in order to get an idea of who Sowmya is, and think it is only fitting to use the original responses... so, are you interested in learning more? Then read on....

Handpainted cream and blue jute lunch bag

What got you interested and what inspires you further? 

 I wanted to share and do what I enjoy most- my art. Self-made entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, and nature inspires me.

Are there any artists, crafters or special people who you admire or who have helped along the way? 

Many Etsy artists who are super friendly and willing to share their secrets.
And my husband who is always supportive and a great pleasure to discuss new ideas with.

Handpainted Red Jute Wine/Bottle Bag

Is there anyone you want to shout out to? 
Yes -  An etsy artist- Elaine @EverythingElaine -Thanks for the care and advice! (You can find Elaine here: EverythingElaine)

How do you manage to manage to fit your artistic life around everything else? 
I try and split my day in two, trying to focus on new work, listings, networking, etc till evening and then switch off to my MBA study and domestic work, with regular email logins so I know what's going on. It can be challenging on most days but if you love doing what you are doing, then an inner energy takes you further.

My Goodness Sowmya - I am seriously impressed! Am MBA course, home and crafts? I don't think I could juggle all that!!!

Handpainted Jute/Burlap Portfolio/File Folder-Office Ecofashion

And most importantly, where can we find you? 

Thank you for volunteering to be the first Artist featured here on Creating Trouble - and to everyone who reads this: I hope you go and look at some of Sowmya's work!!! 


sowmya said...

Alex, Thanks for such a wonderful feature, so elaborate and complete! Hope the readers enjoy it as much as I did:)

unopened envelope said...

Hey Alex- you have such an amazing blog!! I feel so inspired!
Rach xx


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