Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Breaking Glass

Do you ever feel like it's got to the evening and you haven't really done anything? I've been up since 6 a.m. as I took my friend to the airport (sob - I'll miss here) and yet, I feel like I have wasted most of today... I haven't achieved anything near what I would have liked to. Worst of all, even taking pictures today was a disaster as I'd forgotten to charge my batteries so ended up having to wait until there was no natural light before I could actually take any. I was going to list a few things on Etsy... but that will have to wait until tomorrow now.

However, I have managed one thing. Returning from the airport I went straight up to Camden to visit the glass shop, Lead and Light. I love their selection of glass and I must have spent about an hour in there this morning. I FINALLY made a few choices.

These are the blue and green bits that I bought - because the light in here isn't natural, the greens haven't really come out properly - one is a really vibrant grass green while the other is much more of a bottle green colour.

And I also got some reds! The one in the middle is absolutely beautiful and can be used either side- it's mirrored on one side and has a red-purple-orange swirling pattern on the other - I love it! 

Sorry you can see my arms in the mirrored red one - and in fact all of the pictures - it's exceptionally hard getting a decent shot in our flat as our lighting is weird. I do like how the photo came out looking a little like a sunset though. The effects of mirrors and lights... fabulous!

I have of course set to work and have been happily cutting strips and arranging them. I made a few pendants but I am not going to put them up until I have grouted them tomorrow. For now, I shall leave you hanging...

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