Monday, 30 January 2012

A Bit of Blog Lovin'

There are so many amazing blogs out there that I have found since I joined the blogging world myself. This month I would like to direct you towards Dana at I love her blog. It's an eclectic mix of crafts, fashion, living life to the fullest, aspirations, tutorials and inspiration. A fabulous all-round blog that always has something new to read and get interested in. I've been impressed by Dana's 'Granny-A-Day' series and have used her blog as a starting point for a lot of the grannie squares I've made myself over the past few months (although I could never actually make a granny a day!) I also like some of the other regular photo round-ups and features that Dana has regularly - What I wore and Happiness Is... are two that I look forward to seeing and I'm constantly impressed with how much Dana manages to make out of every week. She is always discovering new things, creating, making perceptive insights and just generally being a really interesting person. I look forward to seeing CraftyMinx's new blogposts - so go on, go and see what I mean. Fabulous blog and thank you Dana!


marci said...

What a cute blog! Adding this one to my regular reading list. Thanks! :-)

Creating Trouble said...

I know - I absolutely love the Craftyminx blog: there's such interesting things on it!


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