Friday, 27 January 2012

That Friday Feeling...27/01/12

Did you know that January 27th was Lewis Carroll's birthday? Well, now you do! Makes it easy for today's Friday Feeling theme - clearly I have been looking at Alice in Wonderland inspired works. I wasn't expecting 13 pages of items! I very definitely looked for British items this week; Alice is nothing if not quintessentially British. I'm occasionally a little jealous of Alice - wouldn't it be kind of great to visit Wonderland? Mad, but great all the same...

How cute is this teapot ring? by LunarraStar

And some great vintage-style notecards by craftypagan

  • The original Alice in Wonderland cartoon was released in the UK on 26th July 1951. It was released 2 days later in the US.
  • Lewis Carroll was actually Charles Ludwige Dodgson - he never publicly acknowledged it but did admit that he was Lewis Carroll to his pen friends.
  • Apparently, after reading 'Alice in Wonderland', Queen Victoria wrote to Dodgson asking to read more of his work - and was surprised to receive his latest publication on Mathematics. Dodgson denied this as urban myth so it probably never happened- but is amusing anyway!
  • Alice was based on Alice Liddell, whose family did own two cats, Dinah and Villikins. 
  • And the Dodo is allegedly a reference to Dodgson himself - he had a stammer and occasioanally said 'Do-do-dodgson'
  • Dodgson was primarily a mathematician at Christ Church College, Oxford. He was also a logician, Anglican Deacon and photographer. Must have been a very busy man!!
Thought I'd leave you with some Alice scenes... 

This is the original trailer for the 1951 cartoon: 

And this is the more recent Tim Burton trailer. Interesting how film advertising has changed...

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