Friday, 6 January 2012

That Friday Feeling...06/01/12

It's the First Friday of 2012! And, as well as being the birthday of two very good friends (who sadly tend to celebrate on the same day and I'm always torn between the two), it is also 12th Night - the final day of the Christmas season, the day all the decorations need to be taken down and the day that the 3 Kings allegedly arrived at the stable. So, in order to brush away those winter blues, today's Friday Feeling is... a demure celebration - we're still recovering from Christmas and New Year for all-out partying so here are some pretty 'celebration' items I've found. I've probably done this theme before, but you know what I love about Etsy? All the work there changes regularly so these are still new items!

Something I should remember every day! Eye Exam by Thegoofymuse

Like the feel of this photo by Maddenphotography

And I want cupcakes served in these holders please! By welldressedcupcakes

On This Day...

  • Nigella Lawson, Rowan Atkinson and Joan of Arc were all born on 6th January (obviously not in the same year)
  • Maria Montessori opened her first school in Rome in 1907.
  • Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves.
  • Harold Godwinson was crowned King of England - shame he didn't last long as King though...
  • Pink Floyd were at Number 1 with 'Another Brick in the Wall' on January 6th 1980. (It's the year I was born, not just a random year) I thought I'd add the video of it because... well just because!

1 comment:

marci said...

I really love that first picture.

As a Montessori school kid and a certified Montessori teacher, I loved seeing that as one of your facts today. :-)


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