Monday, 27 February 2012

BNR weekend

I haven't been very active on Etsy recently - I've been so busy trying to get things ready for the craft fair that I haven't listed anything for ages. I have however started getting more involved in the British Sellers on Etsy team again - it was another thing I had let lapse and am trying to pick up again.
Anyway, this weekend they had another BNR and I curated for a little while. I had forgotten that I really enjoy curating and the first thing I did when I got behind the BSOE flag was to turn the treasury red:

Yes that is one of my pendants in the top row - on Saturday morning I listed about 5 new pendants in my Etsy store - it's been looking a bit empty recently. One of the listings I made was for my long pink pendant. I bought in.... and got bought out really quickly! Woohoo! 

Of course, having been bought out, I was able to buy back in again...Look at the goodies heading my way! I think I have a bit of a love of hair pins - I seem to have bought a number of them over the past year. But they are pretty cute and I'm looking forward to some fun hairstyles this week.

Typewriter key hairpins by Altered Eras -
I already had some but love
them so I needed some more! 
Gorgeous rose pins by
  Wishes On The Wind
I also got some red ones too.
And then in a mad flurry of sales just as it was about to close, I was bought out again! I hadn't actually managed to list the last one - Isabelle of BumbleBeanUK chose a pendant that I had literally just posted onto facebook and I made the world's swiftest Etsy listing! In the end there were 184 sales over the weekend which is a record breaking number - there were a number of times when people didn't even get to showcase their items because they were bought out at the moment they bought in. Anyway, I really enjoyed curating and all the chats over the weekend. We've covered a whole range of subjects, although somehow came back to food a number of times...! It's been really nice getting to talk to some fellow British Crafters and I've really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one! 


Baban Cat said...

Congratulations on a successful weekend. I need someone to explain the rules to me, slowly.

LinniR said...

First rule of BNR is don't talk about ....LOL!
no seriously, best way to find out the rules is to join in the chat at a BNR. People will always be happy to explain it and we have great chats when we are not buying...!

Creating Trouble said...

LOL Linni... you're terrible!

Baban I'll let you know next time we have one - they are really easy once you have the hang of them but it's a bit daunting at first. BSOE have a good blog post about it somewhere - I'll try and tweet you the link.

Altered Eras said...

Thanks for your fab post & for including my pins :)

& please dont be put off about any comments with regards to chatting - all chats are welcome ;p

Thanks again Alex x


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