Friday, 10 February 2012

That Friday Feeling...10/02/12

This week's shout out is for all you romantics out there - Valentine's Day is next Tuesday so I thought I'd do a last minute shout out before it's too late! Etsy is a little heart-crazy at the moment so I'm sure you'll find something you like there, but here are some of my picks of the week...

Love this ceramic mug by LittleWrenPottery

I like the simplicity of this card by SteelPetalPress

This photograph by honeytree really struck me too.

  • About a billion valentine's cards are sent every year.
  • The rose was the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Red symbolises strong feelings so the red rose eventually became the flower / symbol of love.
  • The phrase 'wear your heart on your sleeve' possibly came from a tradition in the middle ages: young men and women would pick names from a bowl who would be their 'valentine' They would wear these names pinned to their sleeve for a week so that other people knew who their valentine was. 
  • There were at least 3 St Valentines - the one who is supposedly THE Valentine, was an early Christian priest who was imprisoned, beaten with clubs and beheaded in the time of Claudius II. His crime was that he was a Christian. He was executed on a pagan festival day - Lupercalia - which was dedicated to Juno, goddess of women and fertility. Hence over the years the feast of St Valentine and the festival became intertwined and Valentine because patron saint of lovers. 

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