Monday, 6 June 2011

Another Weekend of Etsy

Well after some terrible nerves, I finally curated a BNR on Etsy this weekend. I took it over at 16 sales and it was mostly red and black. Two hours later,  I left it mostly blue and at 22 sales. I'm proud of myself! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be - I just made sure I had a piece of paper next to me to keep track of what people were buying / selling etc.

BNR's are a great place to get your work seen, appreciated and sold: because buyers want to get a slot they are happy to buy you out. This time around I sold four items - 3 cards and a bunny bag.

I also managed to pick up some super cute items too. Some cute hair clips from Imynda and a coin purse from Greengrass2 (both sell on Etsy and the links will take you to their shops.


I also discovered this weekend that I can actually sew - and am happily back at my sewing machine again. HURRAY! I have a whole load of ideas for future craft projects but sadly I'm going to have to wait until I'm fully better for those... meanwhile there's a 'how to' coming up, I'm hoping for a giveaway (not many more followers needed...!) am wondering about whether I'm ready to start going to a craft night up in Tottenham or whether I will just hurt myself, and of course, this Month''s Artist has yet to be revealed! 

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