Monday, 29 August 2011

Artist's Feature...MWL Designs

Wow, another month has passed already, and Creating Trouble HQ nearly ran out of time to feature this month's artist! But luckily we returned from sunny California just in time to introduce Katherine of MWL Designs. In case you are wondering, MWL stands for Made With Love and Katherine makes beautiful handmade cards and card-making kits for all you wannabe crafters out there. Clearly a girl after my own heart as Creating Trouble started from cards too! Please go and look at her website and Folksy shop as there are some pretty cute designs on there and they are incredibly reasonably priced too! Anyway, without further ado, I shall hand you over to Katherine.

First up, who are you and what do you do? 
I'm Katherine Brookes and I make and sell handmade greetings cards. I've been making cards since 2007. I've also just launched my brand new venture which is card making kits - looking to increase the handmade community!!

What got you interested in your craft and what inspires you further? 
I re-located from Bristol and couldn't find a job and was watching lots of QVC and crafty type shows and thought I'd quite like to have a go at cardmaking myself. I bought loads of stuff, most of which I didn't use. I still have some of the very first cards I made - I've come a long way in 4 years!! I still watch Create and Craft and love seeing what other people produce which gives me the inspiration I need.

Any artists / crafters / special people who you admire or who have helped you along the way? 
I love Dawn Bibby, she's a lancashire girl like me so she's a big inspiration to me. There are so many talented crafters out there - too many to mention!

Is there anyone else you want to shout out to? 

My husband for being supportive along the way. I'm now officially running my card making hobby as a business - don't think either of us would have thought I'd stick at it but here I am and my empire is growing!! 

Lots of artsy-craftsy folk juggle many different things in order to have time to spend on their chosen paths - how do you manage? 

Luckily we don't have any children so I make time for my business. I obviously still have to do housework and the usual home making tasks but there's always time for crafting! At the moment I work full-time in a day job - hoping to phase out the day job soon.
Do you have an online shop / blog etc where people can find you? If so, please let us know! 
I have just launched my brand new website which is I also sell cards on Folksy but having my own website just seems easier somehow! The card making kits are only on folksy at the moment

Thank you so much Katherine for taking the time to introduce yourself to us - and everyone else: go and look at some of Katherine's work, it's great!

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