Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A flurry of a weekend with Etsy

Hurray! This weekend was another Etsy BNR by the British Sellers on Etsy Team. I curated twice for this one as I enjoyed curating last time and, being still fairly house-bound, didn't have much else to do. As I'd volunteered to curate fairly early on, I was featured in the initial line up which was great and I did say to myself I wasn't going to go mad and buy lots of things... 

I was bought out on Friday night when someone bought a bunny bag from me, and in total I made 4 sales in the BNR - a pink and a blue bunny bag, a wedding card and my green and blue mosaic pendant all went over the course of the weekend. My etsy store is now looking quite empty! 

 As always it was a great weekend and I really enjoyed chatting to fellow Etsians and browsing through their shops. Of course I bought back in (how else did I get so many sales?) Want to see some of the goodies that I'm looking forward to receiving? Well you get to see them anyway!

Love Altered Eras's steampunk hair clips - and she's making special ones for me! Yay!

House of Hampton are throwing in an extra set of Wine Charms for me as one of the special offers. Thank you! 

How gorgeous is this seaglass necklace by RainbowsOnTheBeach? Love!

Thought I would post photos of what I sold as well - just in case you've all forgotten what kind of things are available in my Etsy store...!


PoetessWug said...

Congrats on the sales!! Your items do very well in the BNRs. I never had that happen when I tried it. I bought stuff, but I never sold one thing!! LOL

Ana Goncalves said...

That is wonderful, that you had 4 sales! :) I'm so happy for you. I was also in that same BNR, and didn't get no sales. :(
I trust all will prevail.
Wishing you well in all that you do.

Concetta said...

Hiya and well done! I love your pendants (have I said that before?!) What is your supplier for pendant trays (been looking at various sources).

Altered Eras said...

cool!! & thanks for the shout out!

Baban Cat said...

I love your blog so much I've nominated it for an award. You don't have to pass it on!!


Creating Trouble said...

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

Concetta - I just e-mailed you.

Paula - you're very welcome: was meaning to e-mail you to let you know I'd done this post!

BabanCat - Thank you that's so lovely of you!!

HouseOfHampton said...

Thank u for the shout out and glad u like the wine glass charms.


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